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Wide Open Wednesday

Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) is a unique program presented by Miller Motorsports Park that allows enthusiasts to drive their street or race-prepared car at speed on our world-class racetrack in a non-competitive environment. Autocross and karting is also available. No previous racing or on-track experience is required.

WOW is offered on one Wednesday evening each month from April to October, allowing drivers to come out after work and bring the family for an evening of high-speed fun and excitement.

Eligible Vehicles

Eligible cars for the racetrack include all street-legal and race-prepared cars with a hard top and convertibles with roll-over protection (either a factory-installed deployable system or a roll bar with a minimum of four mounting points).

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WOW Dates

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WOW Laps on the Racetrack // $50

There’s no better place to have fun and test your skills than on the world-class tracks at Miller Motorsports Park—the most advanced, safest and best-equipped road racing facility in North America. Our 4.5-mile, 40-50 foot wide, 23-turn circuit is the longest in North America. It has four different configurations, ranging from two different 2.2-mile circuits (East and West Cours- es) used for WOW to the 3.08-mile Perimeter Course and the 4.5-mile Full Course. The 3500- foot main straightaway allows the fastest cars to approach 200 mph. This course has been driven by the best drivers in the American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am Road Racing and NASCAR.

Cars are released onto the track one at a time. This allows you to drive at whatever speed your comfort level permits, to enjoy your car’s abilities and sharpen your skills. Precautions are in place to keep you and everyone else safe; it will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

WOW Plus: A High Performance Driving Event // $65


The WOW Plus High Performance Driving Event is NOT AVAILABLE on October 8, 2014. All other WOW activities are available.

WOW Plus uses the opposite track of the normal WOW

  • Sessions will start on every half-hour beginning at 5:30
  • Sessions; 5:30 – 6:00 – 6:30 – 7:00
  • A maximum of 10 students are allowed per rotation

Each session includes:

  • Classroom instruction (20 min)
  • On track lapping with qualified instructor (20 min session)
  • FREE Annual Membership for the National Auto Sport Association (NASA)

WOW Plus is for anyone 16 and older with an interest in auto racing (and valid driver’s license)

  • Cars must be equipped with OEM, SFI, or FIA approved seats for both driver and passenger.
  • Seatbelts must be OEM, SFI, or FIA approved systems.
  • Cars must be mechanically fit.
  • Convertibles MUST have factory roll over protection, or NASA/SCCA approved roll over protection installed.

WOW Track Laps with WOW Plus // $95

Run unlimited WOW Track Laps on the road racing track and the WOW Plus High Performance Driving Event.

Autocross // $10

An autocross is a form of motorsports competition in which a single car and driver navigate a course marked by traffic cones against the clock. It is not a high-speed competition, but it is very challenging and amazing fun! During WOW, we set up an autocross course in our paddock and you can put your car and your skills to the test. For only $10, you can make as many runs as time permits. The fun is in seeing how much you can improve from run to run.

Racetrack & Autocross // $60

Run unlimited laps on the road racing track and the autocross course, or at least until you run out of gas!

Karting // $12

Another way to satisfy your need for speed is our karting experience. You can take 10 laps on Miller Motorsports Park’s world-class kart track for only $12 for the first session (including the head sock) and $10 per additional session.

WOW Grand Prix

For those 16 years and older who are really into speed and want to race, the WOW Grand Prix was made for you. The WOW Grand Prix is a kart racing league for novices, held on the MMP kart track. Sign up today to improve your skills and compete against other novice drivers. Drivers are grouped based on weight to ensure a competitive field. Classes are: Light (155-194 lb) and Masters (195+ lb, with equipment). We provide the kart (one of our standard Sodi rental karts), a helmet and neck brace. Racing suits and gloves will be available to rent. Race day will consist of a practice/qualifying session, a heat race and the main event. Prizes will be given each week to the winners, and at the end of the year to the overall point leader. Drivers have the option of competing in as many or as few races as they prefer.*

*Call the Kart Center at 435-277-7200 to ensure that you are aware of all participation and eligibility requirements before making your trip to the track or visit this web page to learn more.

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How many laps can I expect?

The number of laps run during a WOW Wednesday depends on the number of participants who show up for the day. However, the average track time is normally anywhere from 4-6 laps. To manage the experience for every guest, we limit the number of participants allowed.

Which track is used for Track Laps?

We will be using either the East or West course only for the events (not both), so the track will be selected already.

Do I have to pre-register?

Pre-registration is not required; however, it is strongly recommended. Since we limit the number of participants, pre-registering will help ensure that you can get on track. Pre-registering online will also cut down on your wait time in the Box Office.

What is the format for Track Laps?

After checking in or registering with the Box Office and receiving your wristbands and tech sticker, proceed through the Main Gate, where you will be directed to the location to line up for your run. When you reach the front of the line you will be briefed on track rules and regulations before being released for one lap around the course. Cars are sent out on track one at a time with enough space between vehicles that the car behind you will not catch up. After concluding your lap, you are welcome to get back in line for additional laps.

Are helmets required?

For safety purposes we do require helmets for Track Laps and Autocross activities. Helmets need to be a 2005 rating or newer, preferably Snell "SA" or "M" rating, but at least DOT. If you don't have your own helmet we do offer helmet rentals which can be reserved during the registration process at (quantities are limited).

Are passengers allow to ride along?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow passengers during WOW Wednesday. However we do encourage guests to come spectate or participate in other discounted activities such as karting.

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